Asset Management System

Client : Genco

Managing assets in the power generation industry involves the people who operate and maintain these assets as well as the parts and materials needed to maintain them, the equipment and processes that monitor performance - the maintenance process itself, including the scheduling and implementation of all types of maintenance measures. EnWorkz’s Asset Management Solutions provides an integral approach to improve efficiency, providing insight to reduce operations and maintenance costs. It complements the existing KKS (Power Plant Identification System) and the future proposed File Management System. The AMS integrates the two abovementioned systems and is also responsible for reporting of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Costs. Operating and maintaining capital assets generates value and constitutes the most complex phase of an asset's life cycle. AMS assists monitoring of asset status and condition as well as the management of human resources. The purpose of AMS is to help maximize the value of plant assets and realize considerable savings.


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