Power Company In Singapore Ready To Tackle Energy Trading Using EnWorkz Solutions

Singapore (September 16, 2003) – Senoko Power Ltd, one of the largest Generation Companies in Singapore, has awarded a project to EnWorkz. Senoko will work with EnWorkz to install an Electricity Trading Information System (ETIS). ETIS is built on Energy Business Optimization Suite (EBOS) Software Framework. The intent of the ETIS system is to capture information surrounding energy transactions in real time, and make higher levels of information available to the energy traders as they conduct their business.

"ETIS provides a centralized data platform for trading information and operations data to facilitate timely bidding decisions", said Tay Swee Lee, Manager (Energy Trading). “We look to ETIS to enhance the workflow automation and further streamline our electricity bidding process.”

Joseph Tan, Executive Director of EnWorkz added, "By building ETIS on our PowerUp framework, it provides flexibility and allows the system to grow in functionality. The resultant maintainability and ease of use is passed on to Senoko as savings in total cost of ownership. Besides user friendliness, the PowerUp framework includes unique price models, accurate risk analytics, a fast dispatch algorithm and Monte Carlo simulation capability. This will allow deployment of the most flexible architecture for deal capture support, portfolio optimization and risk management applications as Senoko’s needs and requirements grow".

As part of Senoko's company initiatives to further integrate the company operations and trading activities, it has begun working with EnWorkz to expand the scope and functionality of the existing ETIS to make it available to multiple departments.

About Senoko

Senoko Power is one of the largest generation companies in Singapore, meeting about 30% of the nation's electricity demand. Senoko Power is the first company to invest in combined cycle plants (CCP) in Singapore and are currently operating the most efficient power plant in the entire electricity generation system. In addition, Senoko Power is the first Certified On-The-Job Training Center for power generation since October 1997. It is also the first power generation company in Singapore to be accredited in ISO 9002:1994 in August 1998 and later ISO 9001:2000 in January 2002. As the leading power company in Singapore, Senoko Power is committed to providing efficient, reliable and clean power in meeting the needs of customers.

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