Singapore energy firm to deploy EnWorkz Energy Information System

Singapore (December 1, 2001) -- One of the top energy retailers in the Singapore market has selected the EnWorkz Energy Trading Information System to link its billing system to the central metering data repository in Singapore.

"We're very pleased to have this opportunity," said Joseph Tan, Executive Director of EnWorkz. "This particular client is very influential in the Singapore market, and we expect this project to lead to a number of other ones both at the same company and at others in the same market. This is further validation that we're building the right products."

EnWorkz develops advanced software products for the energy industry, addressing problems like asset optimization under uncertainty, energy portfolio risk management, and information management. The company's Energy Information System can link disparate information systems together, automate bill presentment, aggregate load data, administer curtailment programs, process alerts, and perform other functions.

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