Practically every large physical energy business needs better capabilities for managing physical assets and delivery. They need tools for characterizing and managing volumetric risk, designing profitable products, balancing generation with delivery, and coordinating trading activities with physical assets – exactly the kinds of problems that EnWorkz can help solve.

Our product suite has the potential to create millions of dollars of value each year for a large energy company, through revenue increases, cost savings, profit stabilization and improved risk transparency. Our target market includes Electricity & Gas generation companies, electricity retailers, utilities, traders, and independent power companies.

The EnWorkz’s Energy Business Optimization Suite (EBOS) helps energy companies increase revenues and control risks associated with physical assets and delivery obligations. It is built around three cores software modules which are applicable to both electricity and gas market players:

  • The Energy Trading Information System (ETIS) module serves as a data hub infrastructure as well as a decision support dash board for the EBOS suite. It includes functionalities for data integration, trading, graphing, trending, report generations and running what-if analysis. A recent deployment of our ETIS module enabled our client as one of the earliest market participants that was ready to run system tests that are required for participation in the deregulated Singapore market.
  • Electronic Business Transaction (EBT) Client System is a secure, multi-tier, multi-user enterprise level application that allows energy retailers to communicate seamlessly with energy market regulator (MSSL). The system supports the complete implementation of EBT Market Specifications set by MSSL and allows energy retailers to perform EBT Transactions such as customer transfer via EBT.
  • Gas Management System (GMS) is a system that provides a central portal for the client's customers to make gas related transactions as well as view various critical gas market information and transaction history. Customers are able to perform gas related transactions such as submitting gas nominations for approval by the gas traders. Business workflow is automated and the system is designed to comply with gas market regulations
  • Spot Market Trading System (SMART) is the mission critical system that is used by the energy traders for the submission of energy offer bids to EMC (Energy Market Company). The system is integrated to the EMC web services and support the functionalities provided by the EMC web services. It is designed to be highly interactive and intuitive to minimize the time required for the creation of offer bids.
  • Mission Critical Shift Management System (MC-SMS) is a mission critical Shift Management system that is used by the Utilities Companies to perform plant and facility maintenance operations. Its core function is to ensure that both Safety Measures and Standard Operating Procedures lay down by the plant management are strictly adhered to.
  • The Retail Customer Management (RCM) module allows an energy retail company to perform customer management, billing and fuel hedging strategies with a holistic approach. This module enables more efficient business process and improves team & personal productivity of the sales staff.
  • The Fuel Hedging & Risk Management module allows an energy generation or retail company to manage and to control risks involved with fuel transactions. The module includes various strategies and trades that are defined by the Fuel Hedging trader. Details pertaining to the transactions are captured as part of the trade for audit trail.
  • The Asset Management (AMS) module provides an integral approach to improve efficiency, providing insight to reduce operations and maintenance costs. It complements the existing KKS (Power Plant Identification System) and the File Management System of the customer. The AMS integrates the two above-mentioned systems and is also responsible for reporting of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Costs. Operating and maintaining capital assets generates value and constitutes the most complex phase of an asset's life cycle. AMS assists monitoring of asset status and condition as well as the management of human resources. The purpose of AMS is to help maximize the value of plant assets and realize considerable savings.
  • The Deal Capture module is a real-time mission critical system used by the energy traders for the submission of real-time energy bids/offer bids to the Energy Exchange. The system is integrated with the Exchange Server and support the functionalities provided by the EMC web services. It is designed to be highly interactive and intuitive to minimize the time required for the submission of bids/offer transactions. High Availability is one of the key features of this system. Multiple High Availability features are built into the system to handle various scenarios of system failures due to both Server and Client side system outage.
  • The Generator Load Scheduling module provides real-time measurement and optimally schedule – and estimate the value of – generation assets when prices or loads are uncertain, in both regulated and deregulated markets.
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