EnWorkz helps Senoko complete MSSL certification

Singapore, Singapore (July 10, 2002) Senoko Energy Supply, using a software solution from EnWorkz, has successfully completed the Market Participant Certification Process for Electronic Business Transaction (EBT) required for participation in the new deregulated power market in Singapore. For Senoko Energy Supply, this is an important milestone for participation in Singapore's upcoming deregulated power market. The certification process, undertaken by Market Support Services Licensee (MSSL), ensures that the EBT software systems used by energy market participants will not compromise the integrity of business data and processes when communicating with the mission-critical EBT server system hosted by MSSL. MSSL is responsible for collecting and managing metering data for the entire Singapore market.

"We are very pleased with the result of the open trial tests, and the EnWorkz team has done a great job. We are also given the flexibility to add other functions and enhancements later on." stated Mr. Eu Pui Sun, General Manager of Senoko Energy Supply Pte Ltd.

The EnWorkz EBT solution is a web-based application that provides an essential part of the customer transfer and billing process in the Singapore's deregulated power market. It acts as a bridge to ensure secure and reliable business transactions between Senoko and MSSL. The EnWorkz EBT solution also serves as a platform to transfer meter data to Senoko's billing system.

According to Joseph Tan, EnWorkz Executive Director, "We're excited to be helping Senoko enter the new competitive market from a position of strength. This has been an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate some of the capabilities that we can bring to the energy markets, and we're honored to have an ongoing relationship with such a reputable and important market player."

Senoko Energy Supply PTE LTD (www.senokopower.com.sg), is a subsidiary of Senoko Power LTD which produces about 25 - 30% of Singapore's electricity. Senoko Power Ltd is the first company in Singapore to invest in efficient combined-cycle power facilities, and the company is currently the most efficient power producer in the entire Singapore market.

EnWorkz PTE LTD (www.enworkz.com) develops state-of-the-art software technologies for optimizing and managing the production, delivery, and trading of electric power. The EnWorkz 1.0 energy portfolio management software suite makes profits more predictable, risks more transparent, and information more accessible across an energy business. The EBT solution is one of several customer management modules available in the EnWorkz EBOS suite.
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